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  • Post translational Modifications
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  • Quantitation
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Stay Tuned For MassMatrix 2.0

New in Version 2.0 Release.

MassMatrix 2.0 will include a new enterprise version of the MassMatrix suite. New features are in store for your business.  Custom proteomic analysis services available to maximize the information you obtain from your proteomic data.


MassMatrix PC suite is a full-blown database search engine for mass spectrometry-based proteomics. It allows users to perform routine protein and peptide identifications using tandem MS data.

Proteomic Software Solutions

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Returning in Version 2.0 Release.

The MassMatrix public web server will return with many features. The MassMatrix team is working hard to bring back the software you all love. Stay tuned!.  The PC version is still available for download.